• I decided to sign up with a personal trainer in order to get in shape for a wedding. My plan was to go for about 3 months and then work out on my own. I interviewed several trainers and decided to go with Mark because he seemed very knowledgeable and I also liked the private atmosphere of his gym. After the 3 months were up I was so pleased with my results I decided to keep going. I have been training with Mark for about a year now and I am still seeing results. I continue to lose pounds, inches and body fat. Signing up for training with Mark was one of the best things I have ever done for myself.


  • My wife and I are Mark Campana’s clients, she for several years, I for several months. I've been impressed by his ability to sustain my wife's enthusiasm for fitness over the years and signed up after my own personal fitness program needed a kick start. Through only a few days a week, Mark has reduced our waistlines, enhanced our cardio, improved our flexibility and increased our strength. Best of all, energy and outlook went along with those gains. Part mentor, part coach, part warden, his goal is your fitness. His combination of person interest, professional preparedness and hands on attention make him a standout. We highly recommend him.

    Bob R.

  • I am a 53 year old active woman. I have known and trained with Mark for ??? 10 years. Mark is truly a professional who continues to keep up to date on the changing trends in exercise and training. I am a pretty active woman who enjoys tennis, golf and skiing amongst many other things. What I like most about Mark is how he adjusts my workouts depending on what time of year it is and what sport I am most active in at the time. He is constantly coming up with new ideas on how to keep my workout fun while achieving the goal of good physical fitness. As an aging woman I find it more and more important to keep my muscles strong in order to protect myself against osteoporosis. Mark helps me achieve this goal and keeps me feeling young.

    Mary Kay C.

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