Tired Isn’t Pain

M Campana Fitness

Your body is capable of more than you think. While it’s quite possible to work out the wrong way and cause injury, there’s no question that a good workout is gonna leave you tired. But tired doesn’t mean it’s time to stop! I will help you listen to your body to distinguish fatigue from pain, and encourage you to keep going when you just don’t want to!


Friction Makes a Pearl

I eat, breathe, sleep and talk fitness and health 24/7, 365. I don’t believe in flashy 30/60/90-day buzzword-filled get-fit-quick gimmicks. There are no machines to help you “spot reduce” your gut or arms. That “magic pill” doesn’t exist. If someone really, REALLY wants to make a change in their physical health, looks, and quality of life, there is only one answer: Hard Work. If you do not want to work hard and make lifestyle changes, and instead prefer to spend thousands of dollars on gimmicks and — let’s be honest here — B.S. you see in ads or infomercials, then I’m not the guy for you, and your chances at success are slim. My words may come across as harsh to some; others will find my honesty refreshing. No one comes to my facility to be coddled or pat on the back constantly. Change is difficult, but once you make that commitment, I will do whatever possible to help you achieve your goals.


So you think it’s okay to eat a small amount of garbage food? A small amount of crap is still crap. If you can acknowledge that, and we all can, you are on your way to a Mark Campana way of thinking. Is it okay to cheat on just one question on a test? Cheating is cheating. In the beginning of your lifestyle/health changes, cheating isn’t going to help you, it’s just going to help reinforce your old, bad habits. These are all my personal opinions. However, my opinions are known to help people make changes for the better, to see the error in their old habits, and to get on the right path. I am not going to lay some crazy new knowledge on you; I’m going to help you recognize what you already know. We all know what we should be doing; I really do believe that. Now, the follow-through … that’s the tough part. I will be there every step to help be your strength and to keep you from making lame excuses.

A Pattern of Success

Please read through the testimonials from my clients. Some of them have been with me only a few months, and others have been training with me for several years. Several years? you ask. Yes! Quite a few of my clients have been training with me for a very long time, and not because they don’t know how to exercise. It’s because I get them results, and they know I am always watching out for them to keep them on the path to success.

I am your accountability.