Tired of the crowds and cliques at your health club? At M Campana Fitness, our facility becomes your personal gym, with everything you need during your workout session, including:

  • Free weights
  • State-of-the-art stationary bike and elliptical
  • Commercial-grade recumbent bike
  • Commercial-grade Life Fitness treadmill
  • Commercial-grade StairMaster StepMill
  • VersaClimber cardio machine
  • Concept2 rowing machine
  • Suspension training
  • Russian KettleBells, both traditional and competition
  • Clubbells for Circular Strength  (great for martial artists, for sports requiring a bat/club/racquet, and for overall strong grip and shoulder mobility)
  • Tires (ranging from 80 lbs to 700 lbs)
  • Sand bags
  • A fully adjustable double-column cable crossover

Avoiding fads, Mark prides himself on having only the equipment that is most effective for your workout.