Lynn Satow Joins M Campana Fitness


As a trainer, my mission is to empower you to integrate fitness and wellness into your lifestyle. Let’s make achieving your fitness goals something you want to do versus something you have to do!

I am passionate about teaching others how to help themselves physically and emotionally through exercise and diet and through making a commitment to live well. I joined Mark Campana to offer clients more opportunity to do just this! As an American College of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer and certified fitness instructor for over 14 years, (modalities including yoga, Pilates, strength training, kickboxing, step, and Zumba and TRX Suspension Training,) I’m going to offer you the benefit of advanced experience.

Personal Training for Everyone

  • boost metabolism
  • change your body composition
  • lose weight
  • gain endurance and strength
  • sculpt like celebrities
  • cross train for specific events or sports
  • challenge yourself
  • be an active senior
  • find a better quality of life living with current health issues. (Previous experience with knee/hip/spine surgeries, scoliosis, fibromyalgia, heart disease, Parkinson’s, arthritis, diabetes, MS, carpal tunnel, and more)

“I offer the holistic approach to wellness that looks at fitness levels from several perspectives. I draw from various modalities to design a customized approach.” Take charge of your health and progress. Feel great when you leave the studio!

Suspension Training with TRX

Our licensed TRX Suspension Training Studio offers a wonderful way to engage more muscle fiber and use your core all the time! The TRX is for any fitness level.  Join one of our classes today or sign up for private TRX training.

Fitness and Weight Loss Boot Camps

Experience exciting boot camp formats that incorporate all aspects of fitness. Learn how to raise metabolism, stamina, and gain more confidence along the way. Plenty of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is incorporated into the boot camps and in personal training sessions where clients have similar goals.


StudioMove, (inside MCampana Fitness), offers customized personal and group training, boot camps, yoga (group and private), HIIT, dance, and special events.


Client Testimonials

“Of the trainers I’ve worked with, you have been the most effective…” — Leslie

“…when we are finished with our work out we feel like total bad a…es. Thank you for pushing us! You rock!” — Meredith

“I really enjoyed your class and was just the start I needed. Going through this ridiculous winter would have been unbearable without looking forward to your class 3 times a week.” — Jennifer

“I truly appreciate all the work you put into helping me achieve my goals! You are great at what you do and your passion really shows.” — Georgia

“Lynn Satow is the consummate fitness professional. She provided me with private yoga instruction for over a year in my home. I have a somewhat severe case of scoliosis and she developed a program specifically designed for my needs and limited ability. With scoliosis, I am restricted in some movements and she showed me how I could achieve maximum results with limited movement. She was incredibly patient and helpful when I needed reassurance and support. Plus she is a very gifted athlete and instructor. Besides her natural physical abilities, she is a very kind and compassionate person who truly cares about her clients and their success. I have referred her to friends of mine and highly recommend her as a personal trainer who not only has the knowledge and experience necessary but also the people skills to keep clients happy and satisfied.” — Shirley