About Mark Campana

Mark Campana

Mark Campana has lived the health and fitness life from a young age. He always knew that personal training was his calling, and pursued it by going to Kent State University and getting his degree in Exercise Science and Athletic Training. This is not just a “side job” for Mark; this is what he loves — and lives — to do.

While at Kent State, Mark was recognized for his work with special populations, including the physically and mentally handicapped. He would go on to become one of the top trainers at Akron General’s Health and Wellness Center, where he helped rehabilitate physical therapy patients.

In recent years, Mark has consulted on and been interviewed for more than a dozen articles by Rodale Publications, publisher of such trusted health and wellness magazines as Men’s Health, Prevention, and Runner’s World. He was also a guest expert speaker at Akron General’s 16th Annual Practical Approach to Sports Medicine seminar, on the use of kettlebells in the rehabilitation of athletic injuries.

Mark continues his education by keeping up to date with new fitness trends and concepts, steering clear of “fad fitness” but making sure that his clients are getting the best and most effective workouts they can. For his clients as well as himself, Mark stresses the importance of tried-and-true hard work.