A weekend class in Michigan brought new friends and knowledge.

I spent last Saturday in Brighton Michigan at Funk Fitness. I was there attending 2 fitness classes being given by WCW Heavyweight Champion and WWE wrestler Diamond Dallas Page,or DDP for short . Now I’ve been to quite a few weekend courses that cost a lot more money and lasted more than one day. I have to say this past weekends class was one of the best I’ve ever been to. DDP didn’t try to sell DVDs or t shirts or anything for that matter. He was there to talk about his philosophy on exercise ,DDP Yoga ,and nutrition,and he really did know what he was talking about. DDP was very knowledgeable on both subjects,which to be honest,impressed me. I wasn’t sure what to expect from a professional wrestler other than a good workout. Well I was pleasantly surprised,not only did we get a great workout in both classes but it was also awesome¬† to hear another person (other than myself) speak the truth about nutrition. Without going into details on nutrition,DDP was a huge proponent of eating whole foods and no processed garbage. I will touch on the subject of nutrition in a later blog post.

Craig Funk,the owner of Funk Fitness was a great host and even opened his home to me that day and invited me to come back to his house for lunch with DDP and the rest of his family. Criag can be seen behind me in the mirror taking our photo! Thanks again Craig.

Here I am with the champ,DDP. 


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