Personal training career perks.

It may not seem like a big deal to some people, but having the ability to touch ones toes is an accomplishment to others. Its not about comparing yourself to everyone else, its about reaching,literally, your own personal goals.

This ,un-named client, has NEVER been able to touch their toes while standing and bending over at their waist. This past week it happened, and it was very exciting.

Yes! The below photo was taken moments after the first successful attempt.

Being able to touch your toes, put on socks while standing on one leg and not losing your balance, the ability to catch yourself mid-slip on the ice and not fall down. These are all examples of accomplishments some of my clients relate to me after they happen. Not everything is about body fat, how much you can bench, or how many box jumps you can do in a minute. Its things like the previous examples, that i hear about or witness, that brighten up my day, a trainers day. One goal at a time.

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