8 week program! 12 week program! 90 days to a new you!

We have all seen the advertising buzz words and ploys for 8 week, 12 week, and 90 day programs. How many of those people featured in the ads aren’t fitness models? What percentage of people that do these programs reach the Adonis like body’s portrayed in the ads? What happens after the 8 weeks or 90 days when the program is over? Can you realistically keep eating the way the programs call for? How do you continue with your exercise program? What do you do next? ANSWERS WITHIN!

I’m going to share something with my readers that I really think, deep down, they already know…….There is NO quick fix for your health and fitness. There also is no quick fix for someone’s appearance, other than plastic surgery of course, and even that has no guarantee.

Your health, physical fitness, and quality of life are all intertwined together. Why would you want to take short cuts to goals that will most likely only end up being a short term success and not turn into a life long habit? Do not get caught up in hype! Hard work and conditioning your brain is the answer. Our brains have already been conditioned – conditioned by slick advertising and by society. Conditioned to look for the quick way out, the easy way to reach our goals, and more often than not, those avenues that appear to be quick and easy will not produce long lasting success.

So what do you do if you aren’t going to try some quick fix 8 week, 12 week or 90 program? Start using your head and cut out the fast food, eat out less often, start packing your lunch for work, don’t buy so many prepared foods, stop drinking soda, cook more for yourself, eat breakfast every day, cut down on the alcohol consumption, take the stairs, don’t look for the closest parking space, and exercise on a regular basis.

Your money will be better spent finding a local trainer to develop a personalized program for YOU. A trainer that you can check in with occasionally if you choose not to see him or her on a regular basis, a trainer that will have a new program waiting for you at the end of the program you are currently doing. But don’t solely rely on a trainer either – read and research fitness instead of watching hours of TV at night after work. If you don’t want to join a gym, get a group of friends and or co-workers together and form a team for local intramural sports. Walk your dog every day for at least an hour and a bonus is your dog will stay in shape too!

My main point with this whole article is that quick fixes aren’t long lasting, otherwise they wouldn’t be categorized as quick fixes. How many people would sign up for 50 year program? Well, that’s what we all need to do – the lifelong, evolving program to truly be successful and healthy.

Just an example of what you can find if you just look.


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